An artist and amateur photographer from an early age, my creative inspiration comes from nature, art, and my grandfather, a self-made candle-maker, printing press owner, and painter.

Several years ago, I learned the true meaning of life when I was given the gift of life. That gift helped me to see more clearly the importance of legacy, and of sharing our individual stories today, and for generations in the future.

Camera in hand, I have been deeply touched by so many unique and individual stories. This new journey as a visual storyteller has been a joy and a privilege.

Quite simply, YOU are my ‘why’.

i'm so happy you're here

Hi there! I'm Lisa.

A little bit about me.....

I look forward to hearing your story, and to getting to know you better.
  It would be an honour to BE THE ONE WHO documentS your LEGACY........... 

Let's connect!

A few more things you might not know about me....

When I’m not behind my camera... 

I have an unhealthy addiction to cheesies & chai tea lattes (although never together!) 

I am obsessed with the British royal family, and all things royal, including royal weddings

Never a morning person, getting up in the wee hours to watch 3 royal weddings has shocked my family (although it shouldn't!)

I’ve watched all 42 (yes – 42!) seasons of Survivor

And I’m a huge lover of comfort food with mac & cheese, & mashed potatoes with gravy topping the list!

I love polka dots, ballet dancers, cool accents,
anything citrus-y 

I’m making my own memories with my husband and daughters exploring the outdoors, hiking new trails, travelling, or just hanging out together by the backyard pool.